1963 – A story about how Jim Croce and I met!

It was a snowy night two days before Christmas in 1963. I was auditioning with my band “The Rum Runners,” to be a contestant in an upcoming hootenany at WDDS radio station in Philadelphia.  Close to the station’s parking lot, our old clunker had gotten stuck in the snow and for fear of being late, [...]

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A Storybook of Songs: The Jim Croce Anthology

For well over a century, when the story of American popular music took hold, as a result of the commercial success of the musical style of ‘Tin-Pan Alley’, songs have been written about love, love lost, escape and change. And that’s what the songs in our Jim Croce Anthology are all about, but with stories behind every one! Jim [...]

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Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen – Part 2

After “Gingerbread” failed to get public acclaim, Maury came over to our three room, farmhouse, apartment almost every day.  Our best friend Maury was with my best friend Judy.  And since Maury was “car-less”, Judy would drive him over to our house. Jude and I talked about our garden, my pregnancy, the music and about [...]

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Maury Muehleisen, Our Best Friend

We first met Maury in the Bronx. Joe Salviuolo, his professor, thought he was brilliant. On first take, Maury was just a shy kid. But after I made lunch, Sal encouraged Maury to get his guitar and play for us. And he started to sing “A Song I Heard”. His clear, high voice was magical, [...]

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“I Got a Name” and Quentin Tarantino

I Got a Name unexpectedly gained a new audience in 2013 when it was included in the soundtrack of the Quentin Tarantino”s movie, “Django Unchained” and is clearly a song and a performance that resonates deeply in the director, as he commented: “I always loved the song,which was used in the credits of Last American [...]

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“Hard Times be Over”

From 1971 to 1973, Jim played about 300 concerts a year and promoted his songs all over the United States and Europe.  By the Spring of 1973, Jim’s second album “Life and Times,” topped the charts and finally, he got a week off to come home and get to know A.J., his “little old man.” [...]

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Jim Croce BW

“Jim Croce dies at 30″ (1/10/43-9/20/73)

I remember when the phone rang very early that Friday morning, only 2 weeks after we’d moved to San Diego. I’d been dreaming a strange dream, all night long. About my son and my life and my work. In my dream, I was sitting at my potter’s wheel, a precious gift my husband had just [...]

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Jim Croce on Hollywood Boulevard

When we were living in our little town of 37 people, in Lyndell, Pennsylvania, I had no idea just how “famous” Jim Croce had gotten. Certainly our bank account didn’t show it. I’ll never forget my first trip to L.A. when we went to the accountant’s fancy offices. I felt so out of place and [...]

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Alabama Rain

Jim and I began dating heavily when I was a junior in high school and he a junior at Villanova University. We sang together as a duo, and practiced every day after school. Our dates usually started early. First we’d practice our songs and then listened to records of Bob Dylan, the Beatles or Bessie [...]

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RISD and Moore

When I was in my senior year in High School, Jim and I were singing at local bars and coffee houses, secretly planning our future in the music business.  Every opportunity we had, we practiced. We also had plenty of time to do that at The Old Riddle Paddock, where we played 4 nights a [...]

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