Aftermath of Jim’s plane crash

After Jim’s passing I had no idea how I was going to make it. I kept trying to clarify and redefine my personal vision for family, career and a home and followed many circuitous routes. At first, A.J. and I spent some time in San Jose and Quepos, Costa Rica. When I returned to San Diego in 1974, I developed a Head Start program for Costa-Rica, opened a children’s school in Point Loma and wrote a children’s book, “Mirandome.” When our son Adrian James was almost four, he suffered a brain tumor syndrome and went blind. His bravery was my inspiration. It gave me courage to fight a long and difficult litigation to attain the rights to Jim’s music. Over several years following his illness, A.J. miraculously gained sight in one of his eyes. While I was busy as a single mom doing my best to raise our son alone, run my school and protect our royalties, A.J. taught himself to play piano and started writing songs. Practicing 8-10 hours a day from the age of six, he honed his talent and found his passion and profession early in life. ( From 1977 to 1981, I served as Vice-Consul of Costa Rica in San Diego and wrote and sang my own songs, completing two solo albums, and establishing my first publishing company, “Time in a Bottle.” I sat on the board of the Woman’s Bank and traveled to the Wailing Wall where A.J. took his rites of passage. I had become a serious runner and after our trip to Israel, I did my darnedest to run off the hummus and falafel at the 1983 Stockholm Marathon. But still, I had not found my way. Once litigation was over, I was on the road promoting my two albums. In 1984 I became unable to sing due to a failed vocal chord operation. Without music, I was lost and once again, had no idea what I was going to do!