Whether I am welcoming guests at the restaurant, designing menus, promoting live music, producing a CD or writing a new book, Croce’s Park West is the center of my community and business. Croce’s Park West, our newest restaurant, located in Banker’s Hill, offers a welcoming retreat for our neighbors and visitors. The Expatriate Room, where Live Music is played, showcases memorabilia of my late husband, singer-songwriter, Jim Croce.

If you have any questions, or would like to share any stories or memories, please write me.

Warm Regards,
Ingrid Croce

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Chef Russell Rummer’s Weekly Specials 7/29 – 8/05

Foie Gras Torchon with grilled peach mostarda, micro celery and toasted brioche $19 Reserve your dinner table today!

“Wives, Widows and X’s”…Good Evening Ingrid

Good Evening Ingrid, I am sure you get hundreds of emails but I am hoping you have a moment to read my story. I am a 33 year old widow and newly single mother. My husband, David McGowan, died of cancer on May 7, one month shy of his 34th birthday leaving behind myself and [...]

Wives, Widows and X’s “Mortality”

In “Thyme in a Bottle” my autobiographical cookbook, I tell my life stories, garnered over five decades, punctuated by the meals that nourished and encouraged me along the way. My recipes are a collaboration of kind friends, generous chefs, and family traditions that have been enjoyed at Croce’s, Croce’s Park West and my home. It’s [...]

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