Whether I am welcoming guests at the restaurant, designing menus, promoting live music, producing a CD or writing a new book, Croce’s Park West is the center of my community and business. Croce’s Park West, our newest restaurant, located in Banker’s Hill, offers a welcoming retreat for our neighbors and visitors. The Expatriate Room, where Live Music is played, showcases memorabilia of my late husband, singer-songwriter, Jim Croce.

If you have any questions, or would like to share any stories or memories, please write me.

Warm Regards,
Ingrid Croce

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“Wives, Widow’s and X’s”, Finding a job!

Jim Croce and I did an album on Capitol Records together in 1969. But after he passed away and I had spent twelve years in all kinds of litigation, fighting for our rights, I decided to start singing again. It’s what I knew how to do. In between litigation, in 1978, I recorded an album, [...]

“Wives, Widows and X’s” – When Someone Loves You!

When someone loves you! When someone loves you, they hear more than just the words you say and find delight in the dumbest things you do. Without holding back, you can empty out your craziest thoughts to them, share your deepest feelings and know your secrets are safe with them. For more than forty years [...]

Uncorked Tuesdays at Croce’s Park West!

Tuesday August 18th 2014 5 – 9pm Like cheese and wine? Join us for a delicious cheese and wine tasting around the theme FRANCE. Taste 3 French wines and 2 French cheeses and discover France with Sommelier Michael Simpson. $25 per person Wines: -Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, Loire -Cachette Rosé, Rhone -Belleruche Cote du Rhone Cheeses: -Triple crème [...]

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